Warranty and repairs

We offer personalised help at Listening Matters. You can come visit our store in Hilversum, or get in contact via phone or email!

Service after purchase

Even after you've made a purchase, Listening Matters remains available for all your questions regarding the purchased product. Whether it's inquiries about functionality, compatibility with other products, malfunctions, or defects, we're here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us; we're happy to help further.

DOA regulation

If you receive an order that is clearly damaged by the carrier, we recommend not accepting it and not signing for receipt. The product will be automatically returned to us, and we will arrange for the delivery of a new one. If a technical defect occurs within the first two months of purchase due to a manufacturing fault, we adhere to the DOA (Dead on Arrival) policy and provide a replacement unit. However, it is required that the original packaging and all accessories and components of the product are still present. Please contact us and follow the service procedure. If the original packaging, accessories, and/or components are no longer present, the standard warranty procedure applies. Applying the DOA policy does not affect your statutory warranty.

Warranty (-periods)

When purchasing an electrical appliance, as a consumer, you are entitled to a product of proper quality. This means that the product must meet the normal expectations that you, as a consumer, may have (principle of conformity). Below you will find information about the warranties you are entitled to as a consumer, and Listening Matters will always adhere to these.

Legal warranty - You may expect a product to be suitable for normal use. If you have a complaint within six months of purchase, Listening Matters must demonstrate that the product was of proper quality at the time of purchase. Otherwise, we will remedy your complaint free of charge. After that period, you must prove that there was something wrong with the product at the time of purchase (non-conformity). If it turns out there is non-conformity, we will still remedy your complaint free of charge. If there is no non-conformity, we may repair the defect, with the costs fully or partially borne by you.

Manufacturer's warranty - The manufacturer's warranty applies in addition to the legal warranty. It is an extra warranty provided by the manufacturer according to its own terms, which may vary by product. Pay attention to the conditions, duration of the warranty, and excluded situations such as improper use or wear and tear. If the manufacturer can prove that you are responsible for a defect, you cannot claim the manufacturer's warranty, and the costs will be yours. Our website lists the manufacturer's warranty, which is at least two years for all products. Given the high quality of our products, the manufacturer's warranty is often longer. For the execution of the manufacturer's warranty, you can always turn to Listening Matters, where we follow the manufacturer's procedures.

Extended warranty - This is an additional warranty on top of the manufacturer's warranty, which you can choose for a fee. During the validity period, this warranty usually covers most defects (consult the terms when signing up). In case of a defect, the service provider must prove that it is due to the user and not the product. Replacement is also often covered if a device is no longer repairable.

If you have a warranty issue, come to the store or contact us and follow the service procedure. Our technical department will analyze the complaint and carry out the repairs. If our service department cannot carry out the repair itself, the device will be sent to the service center of the respective brand. After repair, it will be extensively tested and returned to you.

If the stated problem cannot be determined, you have 30 days to collect the product from Listening Matters at your own expense or arrange for reimbursement for return shipping.


At Listening Matters, you can rely on us for repairs to various audio and video products, such as amplifiers, speakers, televisions, turntables, and more. Every device can be repaired by us. We have our own technical department and also collaborate with respected service centers in the Netherlands to ensure that every repair is carried out professionally and expertly. We use only original parts. You can drop off the products for repair at the store during our opening hours, or you can send them to us by post. For large, heavy, or valuable products, our service technicians can pick them up from your home. The repair rates are as follows. If the repair costs are below EUR 150 (or a pre-agreed higher amount, depending on the repair), we will agree to the repair and carry it out. If the costs are higher, we will consult with you first. The repair will only be carried out after your approval. If you do not agree to the proposed repair, there will be investigation costs of EUR 52.50. If you purchase a similar new product from us within four weeks after the repair, we will deduct these investigation costs from your new purchase. If you need a repair, come to the store or contact us and follow the steps of our service procedure below.

Service procedure

For all exchanges, repairs, service requests, warranty claims, and repairs, we follow a uniform service procedure. Contact Listening Matters, and together we will analyze the issue. Once it's determined that there is a problem with your product, we will create a service request for you, and you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. If you are shipping the product to us, you will receive an RMA number in advance. If you are bringing the product to our store in person, you will receive a receipt with the RMA number upon handover. If direct shipping to the relevant service center or contacting the manufacturer can expedite the warranty execution, we will advise you to do so.

For DOA (Dead on Arrival) cases, the product must be submitted with the original packaging, all accessories and peripherals, accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice, a clear description of the problem, and your own information if it differs from that on the purchase receipt. For warranty and/or repair cases, the product must be submitted with a proof of purchase (preferably a copy of the purchase invoice), a clear description of the problem, and your own information if it differs from that on the proof of purchase.

After your product has been repaired or replaced, you can pick it up at the store or have it delivered to your home. The processing time depends on the product and the availability of parts. During the service period, you can always inquire about the status by contacting us. Make sure to have your RMA number on hand so we can provide you with status updates.

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