System match

The match between the amplifier and the speakers is crucial. Often, problems arise when a weak amplifier is connected to a speaker that requires a lot from the amplifier to be controlled. Of course, the amplifier has the function of setting the speaker in motion, but equally important is the amplifier's ability to slow down the speaker in time. This match is really very important.
The match with other audio components such as the preamplifier, the streamer, the CD transport, the possible phono preamplifier, and the turntable is also important. The specialists at Listening Matters have earned their stripes in the professional music industry. We know how important it is that all audio components play well together.

Compare it to a symphony orchestra that can only perform well with the right conductor, timing, and ensemble. All audio components included in Listening Matters' product range have been extensively evaluated by us for mutual match, sound quality, and musicality.

Digital audio

The modern audio starts as a digital file. Think of streaming, downloads, and CDs. In this digital domain, we want to prevent jitter, which refers to audible timing errors in the digital domain, from disturbing the music signal. In the digital realm, people often think that it's all just ones and zeros and therefore always the same. This is true for digital protocols like IP. After all, if you check your bank account balance online, it has to be accurate. However, music operates on a different protocol because it is real-time and must always continue. In this process, loss of information can occur, as well as other errors that can dramatically affect the sound, as well as the use of specific digital filters.

Cables and Accessories

The wiring of the audio components has an influence on the musical performance. This includes power cables, power strips, interconnects, USB and network cables. Not to mention the audio rack and dampers on which your equipment is placed to achieve a stable and vibration-free base.

Listening Matters advises on the best combinations for you and within your budget, so that your system always performs optimally.

Location Testing

If you have found a product or complete system in our store that meets your expectations, it is possible to listen to it at your home. This way you will get an even better idea in your own environment. This also applies to things like cabling and other accessories such as network filters and noise suppressors that we frequently work with in our demonstrations. Especially the latter products are ideal to try out within your own installation.

" All audio components included in Listening Matters' product range have been extensively evaluated by us for compatibility, sound quality, and musicality. "


You have decided to purchase one or more audio components or even a complete system from Listening Matters. Naturally, this equipment needs to be properly set up and connected.

We can provide installation at your home if desired, and then give you the necessary explanation of how to operate it. This way, you can be assured that you will be able to quickly and worry-free enjoy your favorite music!


The music and audio industry is digitizing at a rapid pace. Thanks to so-called lossless streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz, a huge music library is available with a simple mouse click, smartphone, or tablet.

User-friendliness and maintainability, such as software updates, are crucial to us. For example, Roon is a fantastic way to control streaming audio. Roon software ensures that your streamer always receives the highest quality music. Whether it's from your own NAS server or from the internet, it seamlessly integrates. The control can be done via a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, Roon automatically converts to a digital format that can be processed by your DAC.

Another major advantage is that with ROON, music can be streamed in real time to other brands that are certified as ROON End Points. So, the perfect solution can be chosen for every room in a home or office within one streaming concept with a ROON Core computer that may or may not be built into a music streamer. At Listening Matters, a permanent ROON demonstration setup can be seen and listened to with brands such as Devialet, Grimm, KEF, and AURALiC.

We also supply streamers and D/A Converters that are equipped with the MQA standard, allowing high-resolution audio to be played via the internet, in a compact and easy-to-download format. More and more major labels in the music industry and streaming providers now offer MQA, such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Tidal, and more.

More than 40 million albums can now be played and/or downloaded in CD-quality and higher using this method. We are aware of the latest innovations and closely follow the developments.

✓ Advice on how to make your network and audio/media system suitable for streaming and linking to the internet;

✓ Providing the connection with your NAS server (if available), streaming music services, and other audio systems (such as your Sonos or Bluesound system), as well as multi-room functionality;

✓ Correctly setting up your streamer and music server software, ensuring that everything is properly secured and future updates are processed correctly.

✓ Setting up the right applications on your PC, smartphone, and/or tablet, such as Roon.

Thanks to so-called lossless streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz, a huge music library is available with a simple mouse click, smartphone, or tablet.



The secret difference between good sound reproduction and fantastic sound reproduction lies mainly in the correct placement of the speakers in your space. Whether it is a living room, a separate listening room, home cinema, or (home) studio.

The placement of the speakers is determined by the space in which they need to play, the technology of the speaker, and the desired configuration, stereo or surround. Regarding surround sound, Listening Matters has experience from Dolby 5.1 to Auro 3D and Atmos 9.1.

Each type of speaker has different requirements for the setup. Because our hearing is particularly precise in the time domain, which is about milliseconds, the placement of speakers is very important.

You are in good hands with Listening Matters in that regard; we have years of experience in setting up all types and brands of speaker systems.


In collaboration with our specialized partners Acoustic Matters and RTFS, we can fully optimize your living room, separate listening room, home cinema, or (home) studio acoustically for an unparalleled music experience.

Especially in the field of acoustics, there are many innovations that have led to the development of products that are very suitable for use in living rooms.

Think of absorption and anti-reflection panels that can be hung on the wall like a painting, artwork, or photo with an image of your choice, for example, your favorite photo.

Elegant solutions are available for checking the bass reproduction and preventing the so-called 'boom bass'.


Power is to the audio system what blood is to our body. The electricity network in your house is continuously polluted by other equipment and power consumers. Think of washing machines, microwaves, televisions, and (dimmable) lighting. Increasingly, the use of digital equipment such as computers, DACs, and WiFi antennas also leads to pollution on the electricity network.

We can quickly assess the quality of the electricity in your home with our audio-electricity expert. If desired, we can install separate power groups for audio, clean earth, and Ethernet cabling for you.

If the power is contaminated, this directly has negative consequences for the quality of music playback.

Less detailing, less dynamics, unpleasant sound, worse stereo image, and noise are audible effects.

Listening Matters also has excellent products available that counteract digital pollution, such as advanced net filters and very specific devices that keep the power clean in the audio component itself.